Automated Continuous Monitoring tools DevOps at IIHT

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Build automated monitoring platforms to analyze a product’s performance.

Automate workflow using DevOps tools

Learn to automate software deployments on a cloud platform

IIHT’s Auto-Monitor module provides a deeper insight into automated monitoring of software using DevOps tools. Over the period of the course, students will learn to apply the automate various steps of software delivery lifecycle like installation, deployments, testing, virtualization, and monitoring. Automation helps in providing a consolidated picture of updates happening in a project in real-time. The data integrated across all tools are stored in a central repository in an automated DevOps platform allowing the users to generate real-time reports such as deployment frequency, change fail rates, meantime recovery, and lead time for changes.

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What will you learn in Automated Monitoring?

On completing the course students will learn automated DevOps processes Students will be studying these processes using different DevOps tools.

  • Automated deployments with Git, and Apache Ant
  • Automated Testing using Bash, and Python
  • Virtualization and cloud computing with KVM, and VMware
  • Monitoring with Nagios
  • Installation using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Chef, Nagios, Maven

Benefits of learning Automated Monitoring

  • Automate repetitive tasks within the software development lifecycle
  • Increase the speed of the software delivery
  • Make software development more robust, reliable, and error free
  • Keeps the entire development and management team aware of the SDLC by eliminating engineers working in silos
  • Handing the software over to maintenance team is made easier
  • Enable automation of incremental deployments

Why learn Automated Monitoring at IIHT?

IIHT DevOps course is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive experience in agile project management. The course gives a comprehensive understanding of the various DevOps concepts and techniques used in software development. Having realized that different organizations follow different DevOps principles, IIHT has adopted a comprehensive approach to learning DevOps by covering a multitude of DevOps principles that give students a competitive edge over others. Students will master an array of DevOps tools that can be used to automate various stages of software delivery processes.

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DevOps methodology can be followed at various product development stages, making it a versatile approach for delivering products efficiently. Auto-monitor, essentially, is a stage where DevOps is used to automate the complete software life cycle, from development to deployment.

Organizations follow different DevOps approaches for workflow. One such approach is auto-monitor. Organizations use auto-monitor for testing and deploying their products to analyze the performance of the product even before reaching the end-users. Learning auto-monitor helps a DevOps engineer use automation tools in a DevOps environment.

By using various DevOps tools, the students will learn to set up an automated monitoring platform to analyze the performance of the product at various stages of the lifecycle.