DevOps Toolchain for Continuous Application Delivery at IIHT

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Deploy platform independent applications with containers

Master development and build tools like Git, Maven

Develop software with version controls

IIHT’s Build and Deploy module provides a deep understanding of application development and deployment using various DevOps tools. The course trains the candidates to master various aspects of DevOps tools like software configuration management, build, deployment and environment management. Candidates enrolling for this course will also have the opportunity to master different DevOps methodologies involved in software development. DevOps is a process that brings incremental changes to production by removing barriers between developers and operations teams by collaborating continuously to achieve better and faster results. With Build and Deploy, students will learn about the various phases of DevOps processes such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.

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Why learn DevOps Build and Deploy in IIIHT?

IIHT’s DevOps course module gives the comprehensive understanding of DevOps concepts and techniques used in the software lifecycle and is best suited for IT professionals interested in career advancement. The course is delivered by highly qualified trainers with extensive experience in Agile Project Management. Students will also learn the processes of build and deploy, and gain the knowledge required to develop and deploy a software using different DevOps tools.

What you learn in DevOps Build and Deploy?

  • Source code management
  • Build and monitor packages
  • Understand the test-driven development
  • Learn to deploy platform independent applications
  • Control version of software bundles from a central repository
  • Continuous delivery and integration of software and applications

Benefits of Learning Build and Deploy

DevOps has become a business necessity of today because of its speed and reliability. Adopting DevOps helps development and operation teams work in tandem, allowing organizations to perform better. The DevOps process helps different teams share responsibilities, clarify processes and improve a software’s performance. It provides a common workflow where an organization can develop, test and deploy an application simultaneously.

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DevOps is a philosophy practiced in organizations during product development lifecycle to speed up the process of product delivery to the end users. DevOps follows an agile methodology using different tools at different stages of product development, starting from build and deploy in order to increase the efficiency and credibility of the organization.

Since DevOps has an array of applications, ranging from product development to software deployment, different company follows a different DevOps architecture for its workflow. Every organization follows its own DevOps structure. By learning to build and deploy students will gain experience that enable them to work with various DevOps tools and principles.

The course provides a deeper insight into product development and product deployment using DevOps tools. In the course the students will have the opportunity to learn different phases of software development like development, testing, validation, updating with version control and automated monitoring after deployment.